Apr 8

Briefing Agreement Slip

The EPA is a free trade agreement between the UK and Japan. The government called the agreement “historic” and “the UK`s first trade agreement as an independent trading nation.” The signing of the agreement should also be seen in the context of the government`s willingness to join the CPTPP – the comprehensive and progressive agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. It is a trade agreement between 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan. In Hudaydah, reports of ceasefire violations continue daily. The UN mission to support the Hudaydah Agreement, UNMHA, led by General Guha, continues to face restrictions that hamper the mission`s operations. You will recall, Mr President, the tragic murder in March of the Yemeni government liaison officer San Suleyhi, who later died of his wounds. MONMNHA is cooperating with both parties to ensure that such incidents do not happen again and to pave the way for a return to a common operational body, overseen by the Coordination Committee for Redistribution established by this agreement. And these measures should promote the implementation of the Hudaydah agreement. Earlier this year, I warned that what I called Yemen was a critical moment: either I said that arms would remain silent and that the political process would resume, or Yemen would fall back on this path to peace, and unfortunately that is exactly what seems to be happening. Increased fighting, increased humanitarian needs and the COVID 19 pandemic continue to wreak havoc. Finally, Mr President, I hope that the negotiations on the joint declaration will turn the page on these Maudlinian views, but towards peace.

But today, I don`t want sugar to be seeded. There is a real risk that these negotiations will disappear and that Yemen will enter a new phase of prolonged escalation, uncontrolled spread of COVID-19 and serious and threatening economic decline. SENIOR OFFICIAL ADMINISTRATION: You`ll see – when you read the chord, you`ll see the steps. Everything will be put in place. SENIOR OFFICIAL ADMINISTRATION: Again, I think – for me, this is really important, and it would be helpful if you would list the statement it co-organized at the Doha Dialogue last July, Germany and Qatar, namely that Germany and Qatar co-organize, where all the Afghan lists were on their list of priorities and this topic was considered a priority for all , all parties. And we use it as a basis to try to make it easier to achieve that goal, and that is what the joint declaration and the agreement point out. The government has led the EPA in a number of areas, including digital trade and data, beyond the EU-Japan agreement. The government`s impact analysis shows that the long-term agreement will result in an increase in trade between Japan and the United Kingdom of $15.7 billion (although most Japanese exports go to the United Kingdom) and an increase of $1.5 billion (0.07%) The UK State of the Union`s GDP committee. These figures are the source of trade with Japan under WTO terms and do not conflict with the status quo of trade under jeepa. The military situation did not improve last month. The continuation of the military campaign against Ma`rib has profound humanitarian and economic consequences.

And this could easily undermine the prospects of a nationwide ceasefire agreement and the end of the war of fire.