Apr 12

South Eastern Rail Franchise Agreement

THE TRANSPORTS MINISTRY has cancelled competition for the next South East franchise and has confirmed that the existing contract with Govia will expire in April 2020. Punctuality in the South East has increased by almost 10% over the past two years and customer satisfaction has reached a six-year high (81%) in the most recent National Rail Passenger survey. Franchise agreement and ancillary documents for London and South Eastern Railway Limited. David Statham, general manager of Southeastern, said: I have said for many years that the fake franchise model is used for the railway. The amount of money wasted to rename a franchise or a train change after they`ve been moved is crazy. It`s time to have a standard paint, with perhaps a small operator sticker for the company that runs this line. Like TfL demands all the red buses. On October 10, 1996, Connex South Eastern began operating the franchise after defeating bids from a Management/FirstBus consortium, LE GB Railways and Stagecoach. [1] [2] [3] The direct award agreement signed on 10 September 2014 between the Secretary of State for Transport and London and South Eastern Railway Limited. Just over 24 years after its launch in 1996, the railway franchising system should be abolished, according to the government.

A major reform of the railways was expected, but it should depend on the long-delayed Williams report on the railways, which must now be published after the pandemic. ERMA is a transition to what the new system will be when the Williams report is published. The Department of Transport statement confirmed that the new agreement supports Keith Williams, and is the prelude to a white paper that will meet his recommendations. Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) has confirmed that its contract expires in September 2021, when the franchise was to be renewed. Go-Ahead is one of the UK`s leading carriers. The goal is to be the local partner who handles travel that improves the lives and well-being of communities around the world. Its clients include, in addition to travellers, governments and local authorities. It is committed to contributing to the fight against climate change, improving air quality and reducing social isolation and aims to operate an emissions-free bus fleet by 2035. Mick Cash, of RMT, said: “The cancellation of competition for the Southeastern franchise shows once again that the entire privatized rail system is broken and is bursting from all its seams. The chaos of short-term extensions to bring down the government is a measure of the laziness of its rail policy,” while TSSA`s Manual Cortes said: “This amounts to a vote of no confidence against the entire franchising process and an admission from the government that competition on our railways simply does not work.” Franchises have already been virtually suspended when, at the beginning of the pandemic ban, the government took action and injected about $3.5 billion into the railway to keep it in operation when passenger numbers collapsed. The South Eastern franchise, also known as the Kent Integrated Franchise, is a rail franchise for the provision of passenger transport services between London and Kent in the south-east of England. The DfT had already renewed Govia South Eastern`s contract in June, after months of discussions culminating in an agreement on the terms of an extension, just ten days before the expiry of the existing franchise.