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Our History

History: The Timeline

2005  -InnovativeIT began as a company based out of Fresno, CA providing IT services for businesses in the central valley, with a small section of the operations focused on affordable housing projects.

2015  -San Luis Obispo based company, TekTegrity, acquired the business and became the parent company.

  • InnovativeIT, operating under the TekTegrity brand, was able to merge the IT for Business components with TekTegrity’s operations.
  • The InnovativeIT subsection was redefined as the Residential Internet division, focusing primarily on large scale residential WiFi installations; specifically offering services for Affordable Housing Agencies and Housing Developers.

2018  -TekTegrity announced its decision to merge IT services with a company out of Santa Barbara under the brand of CIO Solutions. As those companies merged together, the InnovativeIT team took the opportunity to split off as an independent company once again.

TODAY  -InnovativeIT is the most well-rounded solution for internet infrastructure for affordable housing remodels, new residential construction projects, and large-scale security system upgrades. Our team provides cost-effective and scalable solutions that will adapt with future technologies.