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Digital Literacy Adoption


AB1665 is an initiative with the objective of closing this divide and increasing the competitive advantage of the residents of affordable housing communities. The digital literacy adoption program offered by AB1665 gives residents not only the opportunity to access Internet, but also how to learn how to access what the Internet has to offer.


Why digital literacy adoption?


This refers to the technology gap and resulting disadvantages of individuals who do not have access to Internet services.


Education and access to technology are just as, if not more important than simply having access to free Wi-Fi. Digital literacy is what enables individuals to search and apply for jobs, complete homework assignments, access health services, and connect with their community. Efficient utilization of these resources is what Adoption is all about.

The California Advanced Services Fund allocated funds to enable these projects to exist. The CPUC will fund up to 85 percent of the costs for adoption projects, reimbursing on items that fall within the guidelines.

Though applying for and receiving state funding, we can provide residents with opportunities and devices needed to become digitally literate. By empowering individuals with this knowledge, we can contribute toward closing the digital divide and increase their advantages in today's technology-driven society.


Call 1.888.610.0010 or email our team to find out how YOU can apply for and implement digital literacy adoption for your Affordable Housing Community.