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Peoples' Self-Help Housing


Since its founding in 1970, Peoples' Self-Help Housing has been building and managing beautiful and accessible neighborhoods in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Ventura, and now Monterey Counties. We have assisted over 1,200 low-income families to build their first home. We have built and renovated nearly 1,800 rental units through which we have provided over 10,000 individuals with affordable housing.

For the last 49 years, Peoples' Self-Help Housing has been committed to building safe, affordable housing and providing the supportive services that help working families achieve personal and long-term resiliency. We currently have 52 affordable housing neighborhoods, 10 learning centers, and five corporate offices.

Our mission is to build affordable homes with site-based services that offer opportunities to change lives and strengthen communities on the Central Coast of California.

THE NEEDS:      

Peoples’ Self-Help Housing has had a variety of technology needs over the years. Those needs range from security camera systems for our communities and offices, residential internet to provide wi-fi access to our residents, and Internet adoption (digital literacy) programs to teach these residents to leverage the power of the internet for their success.
These projects require fast and thorough installation, reliable deadlines, and compliance with state standards and regulations.


For each of the following project types, Innovative IT provided the following solutions to meet our needs:


Research of solutions that aligned with our budget and needs, procurement of those products, and installation of the system.


Research, grant application assistance, training materials & program guidelines, and procurement.


Research, grant assistance, network design and engineering, procurement, and deployment.

  • Innovative IT has deployed Resident Internet to our properties large and small, from 12-unit properties (ex. Sea Haven Apartments in Pismo Beach) to those with 80 units (ex. River View Townhomes in Guadalupe).

It has been a pleasure to work with Innovative IT. Their staff was knowledgeable, empathetic to our residents’ needs, and efficient in responding to our requests.

Working with Innovative IT to accomplish these technology projects has been effective and valuable. Through these solutions, we’ve increased access to the Internet to approximately 40 properties, thereby benefitting nearly 4,000 residents. In addition, this increased access has improved internal productivity by allowing staff members to benefit from the larger footprint of our wireless network while working at the properties. Increased reliability and coverage of CCTV has also proven beneficial.

Our residents have enjoyed increased social engagement with friends, relatives, and loved ones through the Resident Internet and Adoption programs for which we partnered with Innovative IT.

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