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Viking Village Apartments

Residents of Fresno's Viking Village affordable housing community enjoy FREE access to high-speed internet enhancing their connection to employment opportunities and educational resources for their children.


Fresno Housing Authority prides itself on creating vibrant communities, building quality affordable housing, and supporting the success of its nearly 50,000 residents throughout the county.


Fresno Housing Authority's Viking Village Apartments

Property Stats:
  • Construction Type: Rehab

  • 4.5 Acres

  • Duplex, Family Housing

  • 40 Units

  • 12 Buildings


In collaboration with the Fresno Housing Authority project teams, Innovative IT engineered a wireless solution that would accommodate TCAC compliance requirements and the unique nature of rehab construction. To ensure reliable and consistent wireless coverage, Innovative IT performed wireless surveys to determine the optimal placement of access points. In addition, placement and material choices were agreed upon with the construction and design teams to ensure aesthetics were maintained.


Upon going live with Wi-Fi, the residents at Viking Village now have access to free and reliable, high-speed internet. Fresno Housing Authority staff have peace of mind knowing that the installed system is within TCAC compliance and that Innovative IT is providing 24×7 system monitoring including Help Desk services to all residents!


"It was great working with the Innovative IT team! They understood our technology goals and translated them into a workable plan that we could easily manage.”
— David Brenner, Community Development Coordinator