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Security Cameras

Legacy Cameras

“Legacy camera systems” refers to older systems that consist of analog cameras. They typically produce low definition video and use coaxial cabling to connect to a DVR. This DVR connects all the cameras together and is the source through which the user manages the video feed.

In order to view the feed, the DVR must be accessed in person and cycle through all of the live or historical footage. The DVR has a limited amount of storage and must be upgraded when more is needed, which can be a limitation.

New Cameras

Most of the security cameras today are IP based. They connect to a regular computer network and communicate on that network similarly to a computer or other network device. The video from newer models ranges from high definition to ultra-high definition. DVRs or NVRs, Network Video Recorders, are more robust and allow for remote management. 

The Cloud Console

Managing security footage by physically visiting your facilities to access the on-site DVR is time consuming and costly. InnovativeIT deploys the SmartVue cloud console, providing a secure and convenient alternative. Through this system, you can access security footage from multiple locations viewed from anywhere using a single portal with a secure login.

The cloud offers truly secure remote access and near infinite storage. No longer are you plagued with failed hard drives or running out of space for your NVR/DVRs.


New security system
Upgrading your system

When installing a brand new security system with the newer models of security cameras, you need to ensure that installation is done with keeping the security of your network in mind.

At InnovativeIT our team comes from an extensive networking background, and has expertise in configuring these systems securely without compromising the security of your network. 

If your facility already invested in a robust security system, converting them to take advantage of what the cloud offers is possible.

Contact our team to discuss how we can leverage the cloud with our security systems.