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Why Innovative IT?

Why Innovative IT?


Innovative IT understands the needs of the developer who must deliver the service, the tenants who will use the service, and the property management firms that will oversee and often pay for the service. As a leading licensed resident internet provider for California’s affordable housing projects, we ensure proper regulatory compliance for maximum site amenity points [TCAC], cater our technology to the specific populations you serve, offer long term support contracts, and ensure compatibility with future technologies.


Providing an internet connection to affordable housing communities is only beneficial if residents have the tools and education to maximize their use of the amenity. Our team is dedicated to working to close the digital divide. Innovative IT makes the application process for funding easy, offering assistance with the AB1665 application. With this funding we can facilitate acquisition of devices and education courses to empower residents.


Innovative IT knows that the security of your network is just as important as the security of your sites. Our team comes from a networking background and has the necessary technical knowledge required for securely installing today’s model of IP based security cameras. These cameras typically connect to your network and have the capability to be controlled remotely through a secure cloud console. Our team prioritizes the security of the network and integrity of the system when configuring these devices.


Why does Innovative IT want to work with you?

Our passion is providing connectivity

Whether that is connecting:

  • residents of an affordable housing community to the Internet
  • residents with the devices and education they need to utilize the Internet
  • housing authorities with tools to secure and manage their sites more efficiently


To find out more about the Innovative Technology (IT) that Innovative IT can bring to your project, contact our team!